Roblox Candy Clicking Simulator Codes (October 2021)

Game Information
Title – Roblox
Publisher – Roblox Corporation
Genre – Multiplayer, Action, Adventure
File Size –
Android: 20 MB
iOS: 250 MB
Download –
Android: Play Store
iOS: App Store
PC: Microsoft Store
Candy Clicking Simulator: Link

Are you looking for Candy Clicking Simulator Codes? If your answer is yes, then we have the latest codes for Candy Clicking Simulator. All these Codes are active, working, valid, and updated.

Finding these codes is challenging, but we don’t want to disappoint our audience. That’s why I go deep into the internet to provide you the latest Roblox Candy Clicking Simulator Codes.

So, let’s get started.

All Latest Candy Clicking Simulator Codes Wiki 2021 Roblox

Below are the list of codes for Candy Clicking Simulator:-

Candy Clicking Simulator Codes (Working)

10MVISITS 1 hour of all 2x boosts
UPDATE60 60,000 Clicks
OPCODE 5 hours of all 2x boosts
UPDATE59 59,000 Clicks
CLOWN 1 Hour of 2x Super Rebirths
UPDATE58 58,000 Clicks
UPDATE57 57,000 Clicks
PATRIOTIC 1 Hour of 2x Luck Boost
UPDATE56 56,000 Clicks
9MEVENT 1 Max level Potion
UPDATE55 55,000 Clicks
ROBOT 1 Hour of 2x Rebirths
UPDATE54 54,000 Clicks
SPARKLE 2 Hours of 2x Luck Boost
UPDATE53 53,000 Clicks
DUCK 1x Max Level Potion
ULTIMATE 1 Hour of 2x Click Boost
UPDATE52 52,000 Clicks
8MEVENT 2 Hours of 2x Rebirths
UPDATE51 51,000 Clicks
SECRET 2 Hours of 2x Gem Boost
UPDATE50 50,000 Clicks
SUPERHERO 2 Hours of 2x Luck Boost
UPDATE49 49,000 Clicks
DOMINUS 3 hours of 2x Super Rebirth
UPDATE48 48,000 Clicks
DOGE 2 hours of 2x Luck Boost
UPDATE47 47,000 Clicks
7MEVENT 2 hours of 2x Super Rebirth
UPDATE46 46,000 Clicks
UPDATE45 45,000 Clicks
DEMON 2 Hours of 2x Luck Boost
UPDATE44 44,000 Clicks
20KLIKES 5 Hours of 2x Rebirths Boost
UPDATE43 43,000 Clicks
SUMMER 2 Hours of all Boosts
UPDATE42 42,000 Clicks
UPDATE41 41,000 Clicks
UPDATE40 40,000 Clicks
UPDATE39 39,000 Clicks
MAXLEVELPOTION 1 Max Level potion
6MEVENT 2 hours of 2x Luck Boost
UPDATE38 38,000 Clicks
6MEVENT 2 Hours of 2x Luck Boost
UPDATE37 37,000 Clicks
6MVISITS 5 Hours of 2x Click Boost
UPDATE36 36,000 Clicks
17KLIKES 5 Hours of 2x Rebirth Boost
UPDATE35 35,000 Clicks
16KLIKES 1 Max level potion
UPDATE34 34,000 Clicks
UPDATE33 33,000 Clicks
GALAXY  2 Hours of 2x Luck Boost
UPDATE32 32,000 Clicks
UPDATE31 31,000 Clicks
5MEGG 2 Hours 2x of Hatching Speed
SPACE 2 hours of Luck Boost
13KLIKES 2 hours of boost of everything
UPDATE30 29,000 Clicks
12KLIKES Candy Mega Hydra Pet
UPDATE29 29,000 Clicks
UPDATE28 28,000 Clicks
UPDATE27 27,000 Clicks
4MEVENT 30 minute 2x Luck Boost
GODLY 2 hours of 2x Super Rebirth Boost
UPDATE26 26,000 Clicks
UPDATE25 25,000 Clicks
UPDATE24 24,000 Clicks
OMEGA 2 hours of 2x Rebirth Boost
UPDATE21 21,000 Clicks
PLUSHIE 2 hours 2x Luck Boost
UPDATE20 20,000 Clicks
TOFU 2x Luck Boost
VALENTINES 1 hour of 2x Hatching Speed Boost
UPDATE18 18,000 Clicks
VALENTINESHYPE 2 hours of 2x Luck Boost
18KFAVORITES 1 hour of 2x Clicks Boost
5KLIKES 1 hour of 2x Rebirth Boost
2MEGG 1 hour of 2x Clicks Boost
UPDATE16 16,000 Clicks
UPDATE15 15,000 Clicks
BURNT 30 minutes of 2x Rebirth Boost
FLAMING 30 minutes of 2x Gem Boost
UPDATE14 14,000 Clicks
MEGAPETS 30 minutes of 2x Gem Boost
UPDATE13 13,000 Clicks
130KGROUPMEMBERS 30 minutes of 2x Rebirth Boost
UPDATE12 12,000 Clicks
3KLIKES 1 hour of 2x Clicks Boost
UPDATE10 10,000 Clicks
1MVISITS 1 hour 2x Clicks Boost
Update3 3,000 Clicks
100kVisits 30 minutes of 2x Gem Boost
Event 30 minutes of 2x Rebirth Boost
Update2 2,000 Clicks
300Likes 3,000 Gems
1kfavorites 1,000 Gems
CANDY 100 Gems
CAM 500 Clicks
RELEASE 1,000 Clicks
FreePetFree Candy Aether Pet
1kfavorties1000 Gems

Candy Clicking Simulator Codes (Expired)

  • There are no expired codes.

Candy Clicking Simulator Codes Wiki: How To Redeem?

To redeem the codes in Candy Clicking Simulator, follow the steps given below:-

  1. Open the Game.
  2. Click on the Codes (Twitter icon) button.
  3. Use one of our code and paste in the space.
  4. Hit the Submit button to claim the rewards.
  5. Enjoy!!
Candy Clicking Simulator Codes Wiki: How To Redeem?

What are Candy Clicking Simulator Codes?

These codes are gifts that the developer of the game gives. These codes will provide you with free Cookies, and more in-game stuff for free. These codes didn’t release the schedule, so we highly recommend you bookmark our site, and we keep you updated.

How Do I get more Candy Clicking Simulator Codes?

The best and most-working way to get is to follow their official social handles like their Twitter or Discord. Another time-waste way is to Stick and keep visiting us, and we shall add new Codes to the post whenever a new one appears on the internet.

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Alright! Here you got the latest Candy Clicking Simulator Codes. We hope you found this article helpful; if you like this post, share it with your friends and families. Keep visiting us.

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