Roblox Fishing Clash Gift Codes (October 2021)

Game Information

Title – Fishing Clash
Publisher – Ten Square Games
Genre – Simulation
File Size –
Android: 117 MB
iOS: 498 MB
Download –
Android: Play Store
iOS: App Store

You’re at the perfect place if you’re finding fishing clash gift codes. We have the updated and valid codes.

We keep updating the codes when a new one appears on the web.

Follow the entire article to find out how to get the fishing clash gift codes codes and activate them.

List Of Fishing Clash Gift Card Codes Today

Here is the complete list of fishing clash gift codes.

pisces10,000 Coins
luck50 Token and 1x Power up Pack
PELICAN25,000 Coins
nwslttr100 Pearls and 1x Power up Pack
WHALE100 Pearls
Makukaja25,000 Coins
PoorBlobbo1x Gold Fortune Pack
TURTLE100 Pearls
2JZC20LETLS210,000 Coins
waterexclusive rewards
fractal50 pearls
pikepikex25 Weight +15%, x25 Speed +50%, x25 Luck +100%, and x25 Catch Chance +100%
sukunda 1x Power up Pack
Sunexclusive rewards
ibelieveicanflyyyy1x Gold Fortune Pack
memoryAvatar Frame
loot1x Black Pack
18751x Pack of Lures for the Deep SEA and 1x Power up Pack
thankyoumum100 Pearls
Gold3 Star Rod for the Amazon, x10 Amazon Skill Tokens and Coins
uvumwemwe25000 coins
FCAPPGALLERY2021x100 Multi-Hook, x100 Sonar and Gold Pack
보겸 TV1x Black Pack
wwwwwwwwwwwwx1 Power up Pack
jgeirqko100 pearls
Mako50 Pearls, x1 Mediterranean Sea Pack x1 Power up Pack and Small Pack of Rods
easterhunt15000 coins, x1 Gold Pack, x1 Power up Pack and x1 Gold Pack of Tokens
code50000 coins, x1 Gold Lure Fortune Pack and x1 GoldPack of Token
bewithyoux1 Silver Pack of Tokens, x1 Silver Pack of Lures and x1 3-Star Rod
fish50000 coins, x1 Silver Pack of Tokens and x1 Silver Pack of Rods 
JustacodePower UP Pack
flounder50 pearls
hdotahenbGold Fortune Pack
POORBLOBBOturtle100 Pearls
jshrbacmt25,000 Coins
ibelieveicanflyyyy1x Gold Fortune Pack
ghabeifg Fortune Gold Pack with Lures
djdhabhd10,000 Coins
FROST5,000 Coins and Booster Pack
HB3ZYW10k coins
gnmte25 Buffs
ottogolden pack of baits
Ydmcvbaew100 pearls
fopbnexzr75Fortune Gold Package with Bonuses
kohakuGolden Fortune Pack with Decoys
3years1 Legendary pack with random decoys
poppydotsx100 Pearls
eveKenai 3-Star Rod Package
FCXmas20Fortune Gold Pack with Lures
LHASA+100% luck (x25)
sunken50 pearls
Phillipsin-game items (weight, speed, luck)
sxfarvsibronze tackle box with maps
zyzz50 pearls
xylophone high level gold coin box with fish cards
tvusablack pack of complementary foods
ifnewlgtngold box with bonuses
Kaapstadcatch fish (x25)
taras25k coins
bluecheer50 pearls
honolulu10k coins
dorsz25,000 coins
Yarborough25,000 coins
EatEot50 pearls
AUTUMN2025k coins
colorado100 pearls

When the developers want to reward their players, they release codes periodically, each code has a short-term expiration time. Generally, codes will reward users with in-game items like Wind Scrolls.

How To Redeem Fishing Clash Gift Codes?

The Fishing clash is available on both platforms, and the redeeming process is identical on both android and iOS platforms. Let’s see.

Fishing Gift Codes Wiki: How To Redeem on Android

The steps are straightforward. Just follow the instructions given below to redeem the promo code:-

  1. Open the Game and click on Menu Button (This icon–>).
  2. Next, hit the Gift Codes button.
  3. Enter the code as we gave above in the ‘Enter Code’ Section.
  4. Click on the Claim button to claim your reward.
  5. When done, your premium reward will pop up on your screen.
  6. Enjoy!
how to redeem fishing clash gift codes on android

What are Fishing Clash Gift Codes?

Fishing clash gift codes can be exchanged for bonus sets, lures, coins, power-up packs, and other exclusive items.

Fishing clash is an entertainment game for adventures, competition, action games, and simulation games. Fishing clash is a realistic 3D fishing simulator game available on both Android and iOS platforms. Use our fishing clash gift codes and Show that you’re the best fisherman in the world.


How do you get free money on fishing clash?

It is required to participate in various time events, which give a lot more coins than you get when fishing.

What is the competition bonus in fishing clash?

This feature works during duels and when catching fish required in events.

How do you get fishing rods?

Participate in competitions.

Fishing Clash gift codes reddit Group?

Click Here.

Wrapping Up

We’ve got all the codes above, we will keep update the codes whenever a new one appear. Do share this post to those who wants fishing clash gift codes.

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