5 Ways To Get Free Discord Nitro Codes (October 2021)

Are you looking for free discord nitro codes and want to know how you can get discord nitro for free? If yes then, you’re at the right place where you get the legal way to get free discord nitro codes for free.

As you all know, how many scams are there in the name of free discord nitro codes? All these generator websites are fake and beware of this site cause it can be possible to steal your data and use it for suspicious things.

Legally finding free discord nitro codes is difficult, but we go deep into the web to give you the latest and working ways to get free discord nitro codes.

Here we go.

What is Discord?

Discord is a free platform for gamers where you can create your server or join others servers to make friends or play with different regional players. Discord is wholly created for gamers. You can join voice chats, you can do streams, and you can also do many other things.

Free Discord Nitro Codes [5 Ways]

We are going to discuss the legal and working five ways to get free discord nitro codes. So, let’s get started.

1. By Talking

Our first method of getting discord nitro for free is by talking. Yes, you can get free discord nitro codes for free by just talking.

Yes, all you have to do is send messages. How exactly? Glad you asked. You see, some servers on discord pay their active members with nitro. All you have to do is stay engaged in their server,gain the points or whatever system they have, and you can claim your nitro once you haveenough points.

free discord nitro codes

However, you cannot trust every single server that says so. Some servers that legitimately do this are jet’s dream world, custom’s magical world, and duccsquad. It’s free money! Go and bond with the fellows there and get that good nitro.

2. Giveaways

If talking on servers is boring for you, you can always participate in legitimate giveaways and try your luck. Now you also have to be a bit careful here to avoid getting scammed.

There are a lots of servers that scam their users on nitro giveaways. Some servers that do legit and frequent giveaways are sound’s world, custom’s magical world, galactic realm.

All you have to do is react to the giveaway messages and do the requirements if there are any that is. And then it’s all up to your luck. The winners are selected entirely randomly to make sure everyone gets a fair chance. Good luck!

3. Business Offers

Discord does many partnerships with famous brands, gets you to use their products, and gives you nitro as a reward. For example, a few days ago, Discord partnered with Epic games and brought up an offer where, if your discord account never had nitro before,

You could get discord nitro regular for three months for free! Unfortunately, the offer is expired; however, keep an eye out for more of these because these are one of the great ways to get nitro for free.

4. Discord Events

Discord hosts multiple events each year; the most important ones is Discord’s birthday. Now Discord does a Livestream on YouTube and twitches on May 13 (their birthday) every year.

They do time gift boxes on this live stream, and each box opens in some minutes, and a heck ton of discord nitro codes flood the screen. You can try and claim one of the links if you’re fast enough, that is.

If you don’t have nitro, it’s okay; it’s not the end of the world. Nitro is just an addon for Discord to get extra features and to support Discord. They made sure not to make it seem like a requirement to enjoy Discord.

You don’t need nitro to enjoy Discord. Discord is a beautiful platform, and I hope you get nitro soon.

5. From YouTube

Youtube is now giving free discord nitro codes. YouTube and Discord are in a business deal to promote each of their paid subscription services. But it doesn’t matter because you can benefit from this whole promotional thing to get free subscriptions.

Just watch the video which is embedded below to get free discord nitro codes.


How To get more free discord nitro codes for free?

We highly recommend you bookmark our site, and we keep you updated with new and working ways to get free discord nitro.

How to stay away from scams?

Stay from generator sites and when you’re taking part in giveaways, check the host who is hosting the giveaways if the host is legit take part in it. Finding scam giveaways is easy to cause scammers to always DM you first. Always beware, Giveaways will not come to your DMs.

Wrapping Up

We hope that you find this article helpful; if you like this post, make sure to share it with your discord friends and families. Keep stick with our site cause we keep updated you whenever a new way appears on the internet to get free discord nitro codes.

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