Summoners War Codes (16 Sept 2021)- For iOS and Android[Updated]

If you’re looking for the latest summoners war codes, then you’re at the right place. We have the list of working promo codes, and we keep updated the list as soon they become ready, so without wasting any time, let’s jump into it.

Summoners war is a fantasy and action game available for both android and iOS users which is developed by Com2uS, If you don’t have it, then go. It is free to play.

So, let’s redeem exciting prizes.

Summoners War Promo Codes (16 Sept 2021) [Updated]

Here is the complete list of the promo codes.

Working Codes
SW2021AUG82 Fire Scroll x1
congratzday2100 Energy & 1 Mystical Scroll
seeuonsept12th100 Energy
runthegauntlet1 Mystical scroll
summon2getherswc100 Sommoning Stones
groupb2021hello100 Energy & 100,000 Mana
Expired Codes
eumatchsswc21Mystical Scroll x2
swcunserejungsMana x100000, Energy x100
swczanzan2021Energy x100, Summoning Stone x50
2021lihoswcMana x100000, Summoning Stone x50
sweu21hyyypeSummoning Stone x50
auflosgehtslos Energy x100, Mystical Scroll x1
gayauswc2021Mystical Scroll x1
swc2021kaizhanMana x100000, Mystical Scroll x1
womenshiguanjunCrystal x50, Mystical Scroll x1
21jiayouswcjiayouMana x100000, Mystical Scroll x1
shanlvniuniu Energy x100, Mystical Scroll x1
SW2021JUL71Mystical Scroll x1
1msandaswdreamEnergy x100, Mystical Scroll x1
4inand4more2goEnergy x50, Summoning Stone x50
gaksoparty Summoning Stone x100
sumyaho2021Energy x100, Mana x100000
seeuagaintmw:Mystical Scroll x 2
welcome2swc21Energy x100, Mana x100000
eoseowaswcEnergy x100, Mana x100000
swcyeoljeongMystic Scroll x2
SW2021JUN691x Mystical Scroll

More Expired Codes

  • 4inand4more2go
  • 1msandaswdream
  • gaksoparty
  • sumyaho2021
  • seeuagaintmw
  • welcome2swc21
  • swcyeoljeong
  • eoseowaswc
  • frenchcup2021
  • legendss17sea
  • gogo7thannitour
  • storyeventeu0146
  • cuatswc21
  • ltisbacks17
  • sw7thtk887
  • sw2021jun69
  • sw2021may58
  • mavdanse
  • laicanjiabeijingzhan
  • ready4lt17
  • staysafelt16
  • sw2021apr47
  • sw2019sep40
  • lemobileswmaj622op
  • sw2021mar36
  • sw2021feb25
  • swseathanks
  • summon4u
  • 50danke50
  • 50swcac50
  • swcbonjour19
  • sw2021jan41
  • 2021newseason16
  • farewell2020year
  • hohohoinvocateurs
  • 1jl9yck39wa6jzbz
  • kamun1211
  • swctakeho
  • summoningathome
  • happyxmas
  • happynewyear
  • seacleaguety
  • swcwillreturn
  • lostcenturiacbt
  • SW2021MAY58
  • SW7THTK887
  • SW2021APR47
  • READY4LT17
  • SW2021MAR36
  • SW2021FEB25
  • Seagtontheway
  • SW2021JAN41
  • sealegendhere
  • 2021NEWSEASON16
  • joyeuxnoellestream
  • hohohoinvocateurs
  • kamun1211
  • SW2020DEC89
  • seacleaguety
  • swc2020daebak
  • staynplaysw
  • lostcenturiacbt
  • swcwillreturn
  • MEGASWC2020
  • SW2020NOV64
  • SWC2020AINI
  • nextupapac20
  • 2GETHERSWC2020
  • LAOTIE666

When the developers want to reward their players, they release codes periodically, each code has a short-term expiration time. Generally, codes will reward users with in-game items like Wind Scrolls.

How To Redeem Summoners War Codes?

Well, Summoners War is available on both platforms but the redeem method is different on both android and iOS platforms. Let’s see.

How To Redeem Summoners War Codes on Android

Redeeming process of summoners war codes are easy and straightforward. Just follow the instructions given below to redeem the promo code:-

  1. Open the Game.
  2. Click on the Event button (Pink gift Icon).
  3. Scroll down and go to the bottom of the page.
  4. Hit the “Enter your promo code here!” button.
  5. Enter your promo code in the box.
  6. Click on the red “Enter” button.
steps to redeem the codes in summoners war

How to redeem Summoners War codes on iOS

Redeeming codes on iOS is a little bit different rather than Android. On iOS, you have to click on a direct link to claim your promo code. Follow the steps given below:_

  1. Click on the link which has a link (which you can find above).
  2. A site will open.
  3. Now, paste the promo code.
  4. Boom, now you’ll get the reward.
  5. Open the game to enjoy the reward.

So, finally, now you’re able to redeem the summoners war promo(coupon) codes in your game. If you like our post, please do share it with your friends and families.

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